Thursday, November 17

Kids exhibition

I'm really proud that the community arts center I work for makes time in their gallery schedule for children's art exhibitions! At Fleisher the galleries are an important part of the life of the school- we have contemporary artists exhibiting and the kids have a chance to speak with the artists about the work, and every year in the Fall the kids get to take over the space too. 
 My daughter has been attending classes at Fleisher for several years now. The vanitas drawings above and below are hers. I'm very impressed with how her drawing skills have advanced in the last few months. For the longest time she would just draw "fashion girls", but lately she's been doing more observational drawing. As an artist/mother it's sometimes hard to find balance between making sure she has experience in the arts without making her feel like she has to be an artist like me. Sometimes I've heard comments from her like, "It's not as good as yours". Actually I've heard that from lots of students too- kids and adults alike. Sometimes I wonder why people think they have to be good at drawing or painting right away- they wouldn't expect to be able to perform a violin concerto or score a 3-pointer on the basketball court the first time they tried.
 My students' work is in the show too. Somehow my silkscreen students pulled off their license plate project:
 And my fiber art students pillows look great:
It's a really great show of kid artwork. If you're in the area get over to Fleisher Art Memorial before Saturday when it all comes down. This is my last week of classes for the Fall. Saturday;s last classes will be a whirlwind of softie-making and t-shirt printing to finish up! Registration for Winter session opens up next Monday, and then I have a month off.