Saturday, November 12

Button, Button, who's got the Button?

My aunt let me come over and relieve her of some of her stash. I got lots of buttons (and a nifty jar to put them in), plenty of quilt cotton as well as some pieced blocks, some lovely old linen, and some flannel. I think I'll be making some pyjama pants for my daughter (and maybe for me too), a new studio apron, possibly a duvet cover, and then lots and lots of art! There was a bunch of wool I'm passing over to my sister. There's quite a bit more quilt cotton and felt I'm bringing to school tomorrow, and some fabric I think I can use for my residency kids.

My other half wasn't too thrilled to hear that I was going stash-raiding- but I think I was VERY restrained. Ultimately only one big bag full is finding its way into my studio. As an artist, it's so hard to not save every little thing that could possibly become art....

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