Saturday, November 5

Fall at Fleisher

It's been a very exciting week! The program I teach in at Fleisher Art Memorial has just won the National Arts and Humanities award for youth programming! My boss and one of our students went down to DC to receive the award from Michelle Obama. Here in Philly we had a huge party with Mayor Nutter and all our after school kids. I'm so proud to be a part of Fleisher's youth faculty!

We're nearing the end of the Fall semester. Today we handed in work for our annual kids exhibition. Here are some completed projects from my fibers and silkscreen classes:

wonderful abstract shapes and stitch exploration
  My 11-13 year old fiber artists made embroidered felt collages of an image of their choice. Some kids went abstract and others did animal scenes.

This penguin has a bead lollipop!
 All of my young fiber artists got to use the sewing machine to turn their embroidered pictures into pillows. We used pinking shears for a nice zig-zag edge and stuffed the pillows with fiberfill before sewing them closed.

apparently nyan cat is a youtube sensation- ah preteens and pop culture!
 My silkscreeners worked on a "Vanity Plates" project. They printed flat backgrounds with simple stencils, then printed the license plate border (old school Pennsy plates!). Finally they collaged different vanity plate messages onto their 5 editions using either magazine papers or construction paper. They selected their best one to cut out and mount onto a 5x8 magnet for our exhibit.

Is it Philly or is it Fly? Double message ones are best!

Hello Yellow!!
 We've got 2 classes left for the semester- fibers will be trying a stuffed animal project and silkscreen will be trying to do t-shirts. Wish us luck! If you'd like to see all the projects from all our award-winning kids classes, come by Fleisher's galleries some time in the next 2 weeks! We have amazing young artists!

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