Wednesday, November 9

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I've spent quite a bit of time in my favorite local cafe,  Rocket Cat, quite a bit lately. Since parking up at Temple has been impossible lately (can there BE any more construction?!?) I've selected the cafe as my go-to thesis-writing space instead of the library. This week I've been very much enjoying being surrounded by a selection of paintings by Hamidah McCorkle.

 They have thin, washy color that allows the woodgrain to show through, and it seems like she "finds" the painting as it emerges from the surface of the wood, rather than imposing an image upon it. They are dreamy landscapes.
They give me a moment of calm when I come up for breath from all the words on my computer screen. I've basically got 2 weeks left to finish up my master's thesis. I'm so close I can taste freedom in the air.

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