Monday, September 6

Sweet Mention and an old sketch

I just discovered that Blogger now has stat tracking (yay!) and I discovered that Sharon B over at Pin Tangle listed me in her famous blog lists back in August. I love what Sharon has done for the stitching community, and I always send my students over to her stitch dictionary if they need a tutorial when I'm not around.

Now, since I feel bad if I don't have a post with a picture, here's a sketch I came across while I was personal-artifact-hunting in a sketchbook from 1998:I used to draw all the people on the train I took back and forth to college by sitting at the front of the car and looking at people's reflections. The bottom image is a self-portrait.


  1. what a great idea of using reflections! I'm always self-conscious about folks seeing me sketch them in public since I'm not really doing portraits for them. I'll try this this week.

  2. Patco trains are great for that because of the angled front windows. I rode the train every day to get to school and was last stop on both ends- lots of drawing time. I was always fascinated by the multiple layers of images seen through the windows- the reflection back into your own car, the outside angle letting you see the landscape from the opposite car window, and seeing into the opposite car.