Sunday, September 26

Visual Response

It's so nice to stitch something new. We were asked to make a "Visual Response" to our first 2 weeks of internship in the art classroom. I've had an interesting 2 days over the past 2 weeks with my very organized coop teacher. I decided on a  very organized image with a floor plan of the oddly-shaped classroom showing the limited sight lines. The behavioral monitoring is represented by the numbers and the stars. I decided on the color wheel because the curriculum starts off very formally with elements and principles of design. I even noticed that in a way I've included aspects of all the K-4 projects I've observed so far: color wheel, radial designs, and wacky interiors.

The 9-square was a found cloth. I machine stitched the appliques and then hand embroidered the details. Made it go a lot faster. The whole thing measures about 8 inches square. Stylistically I think it goes quite well with the travelogue embroideries I did over the summer. This is an interesting way to sum up experiences. You have to filter all the information and draw out the most significant points. It fits in with the newer studio-based research, learning/discovering new connections by looking back on what you've made, tracing your thought patterns...

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