Thursday, September 2

Public Embroidery

According to Mr X-Stitch, Friday September 3 is STITCH-IN-PUBLIC DAY!! So get your needles and thread and hoops and proudly park your stitching self on a bus or train or park bench or front stoop or doctor's office or cafe or wherever else and have fun stitching.

Speaking of public embroidery I'm happy to report that at least 2 of the embroidered tags I did last Fall are still clinging to their fences. The one above is now tattered and grayish but still holding on at 12th and Diamond, and another one is still at 10th and Norris, both on the edges of Temple campus. My fellow art ed students were very intrigued by my little subversive activity.



  1. i'll be down here stitching in public too!

    i really like your tags - i've done knitted ones but not embroidered... i like that this one fits into its landscape so well .. and that it's still hanging on!

  2. Hi,
    I did some public stitching yesterday, too ... great post and great idea.
    Thanks !

  3. One of the things I've always loved about embroidery is that it's portable-making my art a part of my daily life and habits, pulled out to work on in any free time possible wherever I am. There aren't many mediums like that.