Monday, September 27

Lucky Duck

I both donated artwork and volunteered for "Dear Fleisher" this evening, a biannual fundraiser for Fleisher Art Memorial where artists donate 4x6 inch artwork and the public can snag some art for $50 a pop. The trick is, you don't know who the artist is and you select based off your own aesthetic response, not because it's by somebody important. I'm very happy my own piece sold! I'm also very happy that for some facebook-related reason, I ended up getting a free voucher for one work of art!!! (I'm like, their biggest fan and advocate. it's ridiculous. aren't you sick of hearing about Fleisher? Well...sorry, but it's just about the greatest community arts center ever. And I got free art today.) So I selected the piece above! I loved the complex lines, the hint of the figure, the subtle color harmony....
Turns out it's by artist Susan Stromquist. And you can see her slightly-less abstracted figurative works here.

Keep an eye on Fleisher- they'll probably post the as-yet unsold works pretty soon, and they might even be listed at a lower price.


  1. An excellent selection, and thanks for posting that link!

  2. Yeah! Whoever got your pieces posted on facebook too, did you see? Now I'm wondering where my birdy is living.