Monday, September 13

Painting progress

My painting on paper course is held up on the third floor, north-facing studios at Tyler with avast view of north Philadelphia at our feet. The windows are floor to ceiling and the landscape only fills up the bottom 1/6 of the view. This little photo is only half of one window pane:It served for my first watercolor study. Here it is after the first class: And here it is after today's class:
I like it but I feel like I'm being too illustrative. I tend toward bright colors and crisp detail in my watercolors, but I think I'm being too tight. It's a nice little painting, about 7x20 inches. Time flies by so quickly when I'm painting. The class is very relaxing. Three hours of focused painting that only feels like half an hour. I have no stress about it. That's the best part.

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