Saturday, September 11

Stitch and Surface this Fall

I just finished typing up the syllabus for Stitch and Surface, a 10-week course I teach at Fleisher Art Memorial. I have a full roster of 14 students signed up, much to my amazement since it's going to be a morning course this semester. Every semester I like to offer totally different projects and techniques so that repeat students can come for a new experience.

So this Fall we'll be working on the following ideas:
  • an embroidered graffiti tag to get everybody to loosen up.
  • sunprinting using setacolor fabric paint while we still have some sunlight and warm days
  • a "quote" sampler
  • Using photoshop to prepare images for a blackwork project ( heheh, I'm no photoshop expert but we're going to wing it)
  • And finally a mapping/fabric collage project This is all incredibly ambitious and we'll see how far we get. Hopefully the students will enjoy the challenge!


  1. every one of these projects sounds amazing! you have very lucky students :)

  2. why thank you! I hope they think so.

  3. I wanna be the fly on the wall and "listen in"/ "watch" on this section. Can we get a copy of the stated syllybus? MOM