Saturday, July 3


Driving along Rte 30 through the Allegheny Mountains we suddenly crested a summit and found ourselves in the midst of a windfarm lining the ridge. The turbines look small in the photo, but really they're immense and startling. My mother thought I like them because I remembered seeing one in Teletubbies long ago (um, Mom? Teletubbies was after my time, but Z watched it as a toddler). They are like giant pinwheels on the mountain. They're so quiet. They make me happy thinking about natural energy sources.
So of course I had to use the turbine in one of my journey compositions. The diamond-in-the-square reverse applique and the feather quilting denote our visit to the quilt museum in Lancaster. The appliques in the foreground represent our mountain driving. I like how the feather quilting becomes the wind for the turbine...

It was so cool and fresh up in the mountains. I could BREATHE!

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  1. I like how the windfarm evolved along with the feather quilting lines. It is much more interesting than the last time I saw it. Mom