Saturday, July 24


Wow. I was so busy this week I didn't even have a chance to post anything on poor neglected colored-thread....
  • a week of morning art camp with a great group of 8-10 year-olds
  • 2 afternoons teaching teachers at the PMA how to do embroidery
  • a night of teaching stitch and surface and one of practicing ceramics
  • work on a commission and a meeting about another commission!!
  • lots of visits with friends while I'm footloose and fancy free
  • and TODAY my PRAXIS II EXAMS!!!!!!!! I'm one step closer to being a certified art teacher.

The drawing above was a collaborative doodle with a friendwhile we listened to a band play at Milkboy cafe tonight. We hid the drawing in the window in front of another sign for passersby to see. I wonder how long it will sit there?

Next week I'll be teaching another week of Fleisher summer morning camp- up next SOFTIES!

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