Monday, July 19

The weekend before the week of frenzy

I had a lovely weekend. The Cathedral Summer Show opened on Saturday night with a great turnout. (And a lovely dinner out with friends afterwards). Then Sunday morning after services we had an intimate artists talk with myself and the two other artists, Elaine Crivelli and Stephen Robin for those who stayed late to be enlightened. It's always a pleasure to talk art with other artists. Stephen's work is shown above. The north wall of the Sanctuary has has been graced with these very delicate-looking paper sculptures that cast eloquent shadows. They're very different from his usual heavy public commissioned work seen on his website.

Sunday night was a farewell dinner for my dear friends who are moving off to California...... I'm going to miss them so much, they don't know.

Today starts another week of teaching children at Fleisher. We're having a paper art FIESTA, and this morning found me covered in gluey papier mache. fun stuff!

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  1. I forgot to mention - Elaine Crivelli was my 2D design prof at Kutztown!