Thursday, July 15

Boundless craftivity

Today has been an amazingly creative day! In the morning I helped my tweens screenprint their designs on their t-shirts- tomorrow we'll tie-dye them. I spent the afternoon in the clay studio at Fleisher rolling slabs and making tiles with impressions of crocheted doilies for a little household tiling project I have in mind. Tonight I made myself a wind chime:After class yesterday I stopped by Aids Thrift on 5th and Bainbridge out of curiosity- they have quite a silverware and utensil collection. I've seen lots of repurposed household object chimes and lamps, but have always been reluctant to buy one due to a niggling voice in the back of my brain saying "you know, you could just MAKE one!" So today I did! Silver Gravy Boat=$3.00, Chain necklace=$1.00, silver spoons =25 cents each, glass beads and wire= personal stash.
I drilled five holes in the spout of the gravy boat, and a hole in each of the spoon handles. I took apart the chain necklace to create 5 separate chain lengths and a hanging chain. Then I linked each spoon and chain length with a wire bead finding and some beads, using pliers to secure the wire. Finally I inserted a wire finding through a large bead and through the pre-drilled holes to connect to the chains, again using the pliers to secure the wire. VOILA!
Now I just have to decide whether to hang it from a tree limb or buy a bracket to hang from either a fence post or the doorway out back....

I'm ridiculously pleased with myself.

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