Sunday, July 11

Weekend work and play

I went down to Cape May on Friday to visit some friends and take photos and sketch for a commission. Their place is just a block from the beach. **sigh**. There were lots of horseshoe crabs:
The rest of the weekend was spent in a screenprinting marathon down in my cool basement studio. The daily mapping background is complete:
Note the one major mess-up bottom left. GRR! Printed the river screen upside-down at first. That day will have to be very busy to make up for it. Uh-oh. Maybe it's a premonition of an upsidedown crazy day....
I've already kept track of the first 11 days of July, so it's ready to get stitchin!
Tomorrow starts my first week of morning summer camp at Fleisher- 5 days of Silkscreen with 11-13 year-olds! Then my adult Stitch and Surface class starts in the evening. I'm ready for it!

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