Friday, June 18

In Progress

As one session of teaching ends, another is about to begin. So my creative energies have recently been focusing on planning for upcoming workshops, classes, and camps. This summer I'm teaching:
  • 6 weeks of Stitch and Surface for adults at Fleisher
  • 5 weeks (hopefully, if they run!!) of morning art classes for kids at Fleisher
  • a 2-day embroidery workshop for teachers at the Philadelphia Art Museum
  • one week teaching and a second week planning/directing/teaching summer camp for NLArts.

So that's a lot of lesson-planning, supply researching, scheduling, etc. that hasn't left me much stitching time. HOWEVER, I have just started a little sampler to use as an exemplar for Stitch and Surface. I always have students start off with some kind of sampler, and this session it will be a doodler:


  1. Marie, I'm interested in the 2-day class at that on their website?

    Love the doodler sampler and I think the Fleisher class (Week I) is filled!

  2. Hey there- the PMA workshop is incorporated into their VAST program, a week-long course for teachers for Act 48 credit that's centered on their new poster series and how to use it in class.