Sunday, June 13

More maps!

Almost exactly a year ago I discovered the work of Emily Erb, gorgeous painted-silk maps of Philadelphia that were on display at a temporary South Street Gallery. Apparently I wasn't the only one inspired at that show, as my friend and fellow artist educator Donna Bridy recruited Emily Erb for a residency project with the K-8 students at St. Mary Interparachial school where she teaches. Here's her description:
Each child at St. Mary did one of the pieces of one of the three maps. The first map, when Philadelphia was known as Coaquannock, was done by 6, 7 +8. The second map, Philadelphia as William Penn Knew It, was done by 3,4 + 5, and the last, Philadelphia today, done by K,1 + 2. Especially unique is the Delaware River on the second and third maps! What an exciting project! The maps are all on tracing paper- I like how the joins make the map look like its been folded and used. I can just hear the crinkle. I also enjoy all the lovely details, like fish in the river and arrows showing street directions. Congratulations to the students at St. Mary for their work, Donna for seeing so much potential, and Emily for the inspiration!

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