Friday, June 25

artsiness and craftiness

Taking the bus to NY yesterday was great as it left me time to get my fingers busy: If you're even slightly familiar with the area you may be able to pick out PA and NJ with the Delaware River in between. It's mostly bits of dyed silk with a piece of upholstery green. Part of our meanderings yesterday led us through Chinatown where I bought some coins. One of them is now acting as compass on my little map. With time to kill between museum, dinner, and gallery we sat in a lovely Chinatown park and I stitched some more.

I'll post about the show later, as I'm still processing from the long, tiring day in NY. Today was spent finishing up the children's exhibition for Fleisher's Artspiration fair. Tomorrow is the big day from 10-4. We lucky volunteers get to wear lime green T-shirts. Regular T-shirts never look right on me. This one had a t00-high round neck, and too-wide shoulders/sleeves, and too-long... uh.. length. Crafty me set about with scissors and thread to re-work it into something wearable:
I hemmed it shorter, cut a v-neck and buttonholed the edge, then cut off the sleeves, zig-zagged the edge, and finally added a dart to close up the gape in the armscye. Now instead of frumpy T-shirt I have fitted tank top!
Come to Artspiration if you can!

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