Monday, June 21

Loopy sampler

The Loopy sampler has gone from this: To this (completed and framed!):This time I took my own advice and actually considered how large the frame would be (5x5 inches). It's a nice manageable size, and I was able to stitch within a 6 inch hoop without ever having to shift the hoop around. I played a bit with some counted thread patterns, as I was working on a nice plainweave cotton (very soft- sort of brushed feel).
Here are 2 close-ups top/above and bottom/below. Only thing I'm not happy about is the lattice below, as it was the only spot I DIDN'T count out, thus some wonkiness. I love the zigzag pattern created by the perpendicular rows of counted running stitch!
Samplers are fun to do once in a while, even if you're a super-duper stitcher. It can free up the imagination and maybe even change your mind about using certain stitches (like- I actually don't hate the little bit of pink cross-stitch in there, normally my absolute least favorite stitch.)

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