Monday, February 8

To dye for

I bought big fat PVC pipe this weekend to try arashi shibori at home. Here's my pole all wrapped up:Since I didn't have urea water for low-immersion dyeing, I just wrapped my experiments in saran to prevent evaporation. I'm really loving low-immersion dyeing. I can't believe how much dye and water I wasted before! Above is my arashi result and below is my weird ping-pong ball and rubberband experiment.
The arashi piece is now at school soaking in some havana brown after I did some stitch resist and clamping to it. I'll show you the results later.
I'm wondering how much more snow we'll be getting and whether it will interrupt my clases at either Fleisher or Tyler Tuesday and Wednesday. We got 28 inches on Saturday and they're predicting another foot!

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  1. I love this - of course I love shibori. Could you teach me sometime?