Saturday, February 13

closer look at Text/Textile

I stopped by DaVinci Art Alliance this afternoon after teaching my Fleisher class to take a closer look at some of the pieces in Text/Textile. For those who missed the opening last Sunday, a second reception will be held tomorrow, Sunday the 14th from 1-5. Today I'd like to share 2 artists whose work hits you over the head with the "Text" theme, but which also had unusual use of materials.
Janelle Adamska's piece "4th Generation" is the first piece you see when entering the gallery. The text is screenprinted onto some sort of scrim and then negative areas surrounding the letters have been selectively burned away, leaving behind a lacy, shadowy piece. The edges curl in, hugging the area before it, and the light shines through the words casting shadows. The combination of material and light creates a sculptural effect one doesn't normally associate with screenprinted works. It reminds me a bit of Piper Shepard's work. Unfortunately Janelle did not have an artist's statement available, but I believe she is either a student or an alumna of Moore College of Art and Design (my alma mater).

The other artist I'd like to share today is Constance Old, who created these rug-hooked works out of plastic bags and other ephemera. I believe her "Floats" piece refers to the plastic material, and possibly to the plastic island that's building in the Pacific Ocean. I like these pieces for their bright colors, dense surfaces, and innovative use of rug-hooking. This may be the first time I've really seen a truly contemporary rug-hooked work of art. A nice surprise was to come home and find this feature on Constance's work on Hand-Eye. So I'll let them do the heavy writing and let you click on over for a good read and more pictures of her work.
I hope to share more throughout the week. I'd better go do some stitching or I may succumb to snow-induced cabin fever. Thank God I got out for a little while today...


  1. Marie: Thank you for writing about the work. I have enjoyed all your posts about the text/textile exhibit. Will you be at the gallery the Sunday March 28? It would be great to meet you.

  2. Thanks Constance! I do expect to be there and look forward to meeting you too!