Wednesday, February 24

I don't want to write a paper, I just want to stitch

Why is it I have plenty to say on the topic of embroidery but my brain is so unwilling to focus on Human Development? And I'd much rather have a needle in my fingers right now and am avoiding the pencil. Such a procrastinator I am.
Check out today's endeavors:In Stitch and Surface I had my students start a fabric collage project using the fabrics they had monoprinted last week. First I had them do a magazine collage to get into the rhythm. They all filled an 8x10, which we critiqued, and then horror of horrors! I made them cut up their magazine collage into a tighter composition. It was daring but an excellent move. It really pushed their design skills and I believe their fabric projects will be much better as a result.
The photo above shows my demo piece. I showed them various applique styles: kantha, raw edge, turned edge, fused, and reverse. This sample illustrates the reverse applique technique. There's a lovely stash of fabrics in my classroom from which I grabbed the pink sprigged and the black&white print for my fabric sandwich. I've got the first ring turned and need to clip and turn the second ring.
I had a mixed substrate and handsewing project assigned for this Thursday in my digital print class. Handpiecing and sewing through plastic is not very fun, and I have the callouses to prove it. I really need to pull out a thimble, it's getting ridiculous. I think this piece is done, but I may go back into the image and pick out some of the maplines for a more quilted effect. There's a little bit of embroidery in this one, black stitched over the word "Kensington". Apparently this area used to be humming with textile industry. There's an old building nearby with the faded painted words "Ribbon Factory" near my house. This piece is sort of nostalgic for the old industrial production of my neighborhood- lost to technology.
All my work on the binding tonight might be in vain, though. We're bracing for another massive snowstorm here. They've already announced public school closings, but not a word from the university yet. Maybe I won't have to have this finished by tomorrow after all! Or write that blasted paper!

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