Wednesday, February 3

3rd post of the day

I'm kind of on a roll here. Lots happening with homework, and students work, and artist links today. I have to get it out of my head so it's here instead!

For Fabric, Pattern, and Image we have to develop some color palettes for our first big project with resist dyeing. We were told to use Color Hunter but it gave you an automatic color set from the major colors in your uploaded image without the option to manipulate it much. So I went over to Colour Lovers and used their Copaso color software which lets you pixelate your image, select colors and manipulate proportions. Much more fun! Here are the photos and the palettes they inspired.Rocket Cat cafe. You can see where I switched from color hunters to color lovers, and how much more interesting I was able to make the combos.also Rocket Cat.Graffiti on the street behind me. Very tonal, not a lot to choose fromStorefront on Norris I think with some more graffiti.Fungi at Peter's Valley last September.

Overall pretty muted I think, mostly complements or analogous colors. I think I like the first set best. Now on to more magazine collages....


  1. thanks for the Colour Lovers link. I will use it!

  2. I love how you can play with proportions. They also have patterns you can repeat!