Sunday, February 7

Text/Textile whirlwind

Due to a very short window of time I could spend at the gallery (SOMEONE had to get to work), I barely had time to snap some photos of some of the works. I missed half the names. But I'll have time next Saturday to peruse more at my leisure, so consider this just a preview. I promise I'll get more in depth. Loved the stitch texture on these above, but I think the frames overpower the delicate color of the piece.
Here are mine below. They got prime real estate, right between the front windows as you come in.

There are 4 versions of the one above. Looks like she created her own alphabet!
And below is the most amazing, lacy, shadowy embroidery with burnout!Maryanne Laverty's embroidered nuno felt above! Her work has an amazing prehistoric sense. This sculptural knitted and embroidered missile below is a showstopper.

The tic-tac-toe board in tapestry above is such a contrast- the time-consuming process versus the quick game.
I really enjoyed this take on rug-hooking below, using plastic bags and other ephemera as fiber. Lesley Haas used handmade papercasting for the alphabet imprint above.
There's something quirky about the knitted postcards below- obsessive in more than one way.

The Saint "stained glass" above has an interesting blend of materials and uses machine embroidery, as does the child and Lord's prayer below.
The digital print embroidered quilt has an elegiac feel as well- not sure if the person represented was lost or had died. Might take more reading of the dense text in the border. Though the best part is the incredibly subtle embroidered text over the face.

The exhibit is up at Da Vinci Art Alliance, 7th and Catharine St, Philadelphia through the 28th. Hours are Wednesdays 6-8, Weekends 1-5, and there will be a second snow-date reception on Sunday, February 14th.

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  1. congratulations on the show! It looks great. I'll try to stop in for a look on Saturday.