Wednesday, February 17

Sixteen Candles x2 + some shibori!

Today is my birthday! It's been a lovely day and I don't want to ruin it with too many words. First the long awaited results of my arashi piece that was getting clamped and overdyed:
It's okay, but I decided on something different for my official project.

Next, the wonderful news that I passed my Praxis I exams and am now one step closer to being a certified teacher!

And third, the breathtakingly beautiful process which is sculptural shibori... Enjoy:Silk organza was pleated, stitched down the sides and then origami folded. Each fold got stitched down as well, as organza is a tricky thing to work with.The resulting stack of triangles was clamped between 2 wooden blocks a bit larger than the package and acid dyed in navy with the temperature raised above 200 degrees (thus causing the silk to hold the shape memory)The clamp dyeing caused only the edges of the triangle stack to get dyed. I liked how the folds created a little "book".The fabric dried still in its clamped/folded shape. When dry, I removed the binding threads, which left behind the slight needle pricks in the edges.
When unfolded it revealed...this lovely, trellised, geometric, angular, delicate...
sculptural shibori piece which will forever hold it's shape. This satisfies every aesthetic bone in my body. It's been a great day. And I'm happy.