Thursday, December 10

Final Presentation

Wish me luck! I'm presenting the results of my pilot study in Arts Education Research tonight entitled, "Artists Who Teach: Finding Common Dispositions of Artists and Teachers".

I interviewed 3 teaching artists and 1 high school art teacher to learn their views on art education and how they define themselves as artists and educators- something I'm trying to define for myself as well.

So the question of the evening is why do artists want to teach and how can teaching artists successfully encompass their dual roles as artists and educators?

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  1. The twist to that question might be how do teachers become artists? In my experience, teaching art/craft classes has forced me into "just doing" art rather than thinking and philosophizing about it! Love those deadlines! They cause me to simplify my thoughts and quickly determine the best artistic means to a desired end. I have had to be creative about my selection of materials as I teach many students on a budget.

    After seven years of teaching, my own artistic style has emerged. Through teaching art, I have learned about art and craft from many different perspectives and have gained a confidence in my own abilities. (I sometimes even allow myself to think of myself as an artist. Almost.)

    Keep up all your good works, Marie! You inspire me.