Saturday, December 19

Baby it's cold outside

When it looks like that outside, I'd rather stay inside. So I've been christmas decorating and cooking to weather the storm. (By the way, see how small my backyard is?)
Last night I enticed my daughter to come down and felt with me. She really like the part where you throw the piece on the table, and we both got splattered in the process. It was a fun thing to do with her, though. I wonder sometimes what moments she'll remember from her childhood. If I were her, rocking out to christmas songs on the radio, slamming felt on a table with my mom would be on the list. After one failed attempt at nuno felting resulting in a pretty cobweb felt scarf instead (see previous post), and a second failed attempt on a cotton print (I think the fabric was too tightly woven and I didn't felt it enough), I finally ended up with two successes. One, below is purple, blue, and white and has a thin strip of silk in the center, bubbling up a bit on the edges. The other is the one being felted above on a cotton gauze, and is now around my neck keeping me cozy. The cotton one only has felt on one side and the cotton side is very crinkly-looking like a cabbage leaf.
I'm hoping the snow subsides soon. I've already missed out on one event today due to the storm, and I'm hoping our Christmas Lessons and Carols concert at the Cathedral doesn't suffer the same fate tomorrow. Stay warm and cosy folks!

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