Wednesday, July 29

Teens Using Credit Cards Responsibly!

For the past 3 weeks I've been working with a group of teen girls in Collingswood at Perkins Art Center in a DIY Silkscreen printing class. Week 1 we made our own screens out of cereal boxes, fabric, and duct-tape. Week 2 we got out images on the screens trying out several different blocking methods, and this week we got to PRINT! The image above is printed on a ribbed tank top and was inspired by Rocky Horror. The picture below shows my Frida Kahlo Bird necklace print, and a student's Tegan and Sarah logo print. I'm not sure if she made up the logo or if it's something the band uses, but it's cool.
Below is the Tegan and Sarah logo printed on a T-shirt, and another student's print collage showing her texture crayon rubbing block and her sun contact paper block.

What does this have to do with Responsible Credit Card Use??? We're using expired credit cards as squeegees to pull the ink across our small screens! Below is our collaborative print mural in progress. I'm having them use up their ink by printing on a large sheet of paper. Maybe Perkins will let us hang it in the window for passersby to see.

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