Saturday, July 25

Slow Cloth progression

I'm really enjoying the results of my in-class samplers this summer. Part of it is using the rust-dyed cloth as a background, part of it is the slow build-up of mark without planning any imagery. Past samplers have included words and recognizable images, whereas these are more abstract and mark-based. They also include shisha embroidery for the first time! The one below is complete and includes applique, shisha, feather stitch, lazy daisy, running stitch, vandyke, and spider wheel (worked around an applique with an open center this time). I have been trying to keep the colors more unified by selecting colors to use rather than depending on my leftover grab-bag.

This second image is a work in progress, stitched over rust-dyed fabric and including lace applique, shisha, chained feather, seed stitch, vandyke, ladder stitch (which I may start calling double vandyke!), cable chain, and pekinese. As usual, these begin as demo samplers as I instruct students how to do particular stitches. After a while the stitches build up, a composition develops, and I start to be more selective about where things go. I'm thinking about a new series perhaps! I'm imagining rust-dyeing fabric onsite throughout my neighborhood, and collecting bits of glass off the street for shisha. We'll see if I ever get around to it. Have to finish my grid piece first...

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