Tuesday, July 14

Stitch week finals Part 3

I'm sort of curious why people choose to take my embroidery classes. Is it that they see embroidery as a viable fine art method and intend to go on and make art? (Cause that's why I stitch for the most part!) Is it that they have fond memories of crafty maternal figures and want to keep a tradition alive? Perhaps. Some see the practical aspects of knowing how to stitch and embellish, and here are the results of some of my students' efforts in that realm:

The galloping horses with flying stitched tails belong to Ann Chabandour, who created this whimsical piece hoping it would appeal to a certain 2-year-old boy as a blankie. It is made of lovely soft flannel and her embellishments will give him textures to play with and shapes to spark the imagination. Helen Cunningham created the embellished dress on the right intended for a 2-year-old girl, wisely cutting it a size larger. Children grow quickly- perhaps quicker than our fingers can complete the handmade gifts we hope to give them. The dress includes a ribbon applique with blanket stitch edging and a center spider wheel medallion. I wish more children could know the pleasure of having toys and clothes lovingly made for them. I frequently was able to say "My mom made it for me" when I was growing up. There's nothing better than an original, unique, handmade item when it comes with the knowledge that someone loves you enough to take time to make something for you.

Here is a photo of Melanie Miller and her handwork embellishing a store-bought dress. When you buy something the novelty wears off after seeing 10 other people wearing the same thing! Melanie solved the problem by turning it into a unique item. She screenprinted our collaborative print onto the hip area of her dress and then started stitching over it with some excellent color gradations. Melanie's intention for the class was to learn new skills that will help her in designing items for a line called "Neurochic", making medical accessories more fashionable.

Whatever students' reasons are, I hope they are satisfied with the learning experience and feel confident to continue working in embroidery!

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