Tuesday, July 7

shibori results

As promised, here are the pics from today's shibori adventure in Stitch and Surface. We had a few collapses of the easel-supported clothes line, but figured out the balance eventually. It's interesting to see the range of color results from 3 separate dye baths, blue, purple, and magenta. Not everyone had pre-washed their fabric and thus had less saturation of the dye.
With a few simple tools you can get amazing results. We used ping-pong balls, rubber bands, thread, bobby pins, and sewing for our bound resist. In the left of the piece below you can see the small circles from pinching and binding small sections. The large white area on the right side is from pleating and pinning the fabric.

A beautiful blue-purple ombre can be seen in the top right below. Her piece was bound rather loosely and didn't spend as much time in each dye bath. The piece to the left top was bound very tightly and almost completely, resulting in large white areas. I'm very happy with the "indigo" look that we got from Procion MX Navy blue.

Tomorrow we'll see the results of the fabric rusting. Within just 6 hours of binding the vinegar-soaked fabric onto the rusty objects, I saw the staining begin. By tomorrow they should be even better. Will post more pics tomorrow!

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