Monday, October 3

You can make a difference for Philadelphia sculptors!!!

A fellow Moore Alumna and Fleisher Faculty member, Darla Jackson, is an amazing sculptor, and she is trying to raise matching funds for the Knight Challenge award for which she has been named a recipient. Unfortunately, she can't receive the grant until she raises the matching funds!!

Darla's vision is to open up a Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, where artists can have access to woodshop, metal shop, casting rooms, safety and technique classes, paying member fees similar to being part of an athletic gym. For sculptors without studio space, or the necessary equipment to achieve their creative potential, this will be a godsend.

So. Here's where you can help: Darla has set up a Kickstarter donation site to gather some of those matching funds she needs. She has some awesome gifts (um, like a shoutout in their next beatbox video with baby O'rae or your very own Darla Jackson sculpture among other things. How awesome is that??!) If not enough people donate, you will not be charged, but I really hope my donation DOES go through to support this wonderful resource for artists here in Philadelphia. Go here and pledge!

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