Friday, October 21

Where there's a will, there's a way

So there, crappy camera! I have a scanner! This is many hours of satin stitch (and netflix watching), about 3x5 inches done so far on a 6 ft long pieced section of shibori-dyed fabrics. This pebbly texture will probably take up at least a foot of length I think. We'll see- I might get tired of satin stitch. You can't tell in this slightly flattened scan, but because of the various directions of the satin stitch pebbles, the surface really sparkles with sheen.

As I posted previously, I've been thinking about the issues of natural gas drilling and fracking. Living at the bottom of the Delaware watershed, I fear we will eventually suffer the impact of the drilling of Marcellus shale in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The news and debates of the past few years have had a steady buzz of discussion about the dangers of fracking and the lack of industry oversight in legislation here in PA. It might seem a strange subject for embroidery, but it's been percolating in my mind for a while. Time to stitch it out.


  1. i see you are working with stones too!

  2. Yes! they sort of turned into stones- I was thinking about fracking and the earth particles separating to release gas... but they're fun to stitch!