Saturday, October 8


 My mother and sister finally recorded the album of hymns, lullabies, and family camp songs they've been longing to do for a very long time. I helped "produce" it by paying for a few hours of recording studio time for a fun, professional experience. My dad and I played backup on a few songs, and Drew Lawless provided guitar accompaniment. My mom wanted to title the album "Songstones" like milestones, for the songs she selected mark specific times in our life as a family.
 Yesterday on a family walk through Wissahickon park I played a bit with some photos. For the ones above I painted riverwater onto the rocks. And the one below I arranged some sticks and stones. The sun was near setting and the color of the light was beautiful.
 For something different I have a shot of a mini waterfall in the rocks which line the path.
And a more literal "milestone" from Forbidden Drive.
Let's see which image they like best- or maybe some readers would like to chime in and give an opinion.... Then I'll be able to play graphic designer and compose text and the playlist.

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  1. I like the mini waterfall and the musical note painted in water, clever