Saturday, October 29

Back to reality

I wrote before about the 2 day residency I did this past week down in Chester County. Here are some pictures of the kids' work-in-progress (2 days is not enough to finish an embroidery project!!).
 3rd grader "explorer" maps - we reviewed where each of their explorers started and stopped, then sttched the route and colored in ther contintents. It was very fun and easy, and will make a wonderful final detail for the explorer ships they've made.

 4th grade samplers- design stage was excellent, actual stitching was tough- 4th graders aren't really ready for 18 ct Aida cloth- the project would have been better on gingham with clear boxes to x out.We encouraged trying satin and running stitch to compensate for time. Cross-stitch takes too long.

 Here's a 5th grade henna hand. We broke out the sequins and glitz for the embellishment. The kids did a really great job picking out specific elements to emphasize in their stitching.

 7th grader "mourning/loss" embroideries. They didn't have long to stitch, but their stitching was excellent. 7th graders can really do good craftsmanship- who knew?
 In some, the "grief" theme is more evident than in others, like the pet gravestone above.
I was so happy to get to go down to Kennett Square. The landscape restores me. I wish I could live there in the Brandywine valley, with the horses, mushrooms, and hills.

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