Monday, April 12

Enormous undertaking

This is a detail of the Kantha stitching from the previous post. I made it as a sample for my surface design final. The reds were all clamp dyed, the blues clamp-dyed and discharged, and I have a nice piece of rust-stained cotton ready to go. In class today I pinned all 3 pieces up on the wall to get some perspective and decide on scale. I've been persuaded to really make it a wall. This will be a huge project to finish in the next 3 weeks. Lord help me. The final dimensions will probably be about 4 ft square!


  1. I have really enjoyed your blog...thanks

  2. Well... good luck with that! It will be spectacular.

  3. get stitching! it's gonna be a slog at points, but keep at it--this will be awesome! the largest i've done this way was almost
    three by three and it took me months!
    this si going to be spectacular!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement!!!!