Sunday, April 4

Happy Easter!

It was a long time coming- designing, submitting, negotiating, re-designing (see above), getting approval, ordering fabric, stitching, dyeing, and finishing. But it was all worth it to see the cloth I'd laboured over with my hands be used this Easter morning on the altar.
The linen cloth was arashi dyed (pole-wrapped) in yellow and then stitch-resisted for the purple linear effect. The linen was somewhat water-resistant, so my first application of purple was very crisp- the dye stayed exactly where I put it! The second line is softer, more diffused because I wet the fabric first to create a little bit of "bleed".Although the circular spiral on the tabletop seemed simplistic at first, seeing the cloth in use with the elements placed upon it- it was perfect! At the Philadelphia Cathedral, we all circle around the altar for communion, the bread is distributed around the circle, and then anyone who wishes is welcome to come up to the table to drink from one of four cups of wine placed one at each corner. So the empty spaces in my design were perfectly filled by the ritual elements. So often I make art that hangs on the wall, not touched, just looked at. It was such a pleasure this time to make something beautiful but functional as an offering to my faith community. I am fortunate to have found a place that appreciates and incorporates the creativity of its members and the greater community as a meaningful complement to worship.
If you are in University City, there is also a wonderful exhibition of paintings of the Nova Scotian landscape by an artist named Tassi (I missed her first name!) They are really lovely and worth a visit. 38th and Chestnut- there's noon Eucharist during the week M-F, and all are welcome.


  1. What a beautiful cloth - and a beautiful story too. I love making art cloths that can be touched - and that can touch others.

  2. Thanks Kaye! It was a very rewarding experience!