Monday, April 19

Art Quilt Elements at Wayne Art Center

About 18 fibers students from Tyler piled into buses and cars this afternoon and headed out to the Wayne Art center to see the Art Quilt Elements Show that has just opened. If you're willing to brave 76 to get out there, it's worth the trip! I'm just sharing the overview shots today to give an idea of the scale of the space and the works. It's densely hung, but I'm sure they were trying to show great breadth of the field.
Most of all I was pleased to see the new work of Philadelphia fiber artist Dianne Koppisch Hricko ("Urban Rhythm" shown below right), who I believe, among several others in the show, is pushing the definition of "Quilt".
I'll share more details tomorrow. I liked the show so much I bought the catalog (They actually made a catalog!!!).
Now back to stitching. My 3 week project suddenly only has 2 weeks...

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