Wednesday, April 14


I went down to Wilmington, Delaware this morning to visit the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art (had to research for my final art ed paper). It's a great combination of exhibition spaces and artists studios. The exhibitions are quite varied and bring together nationally practicing artists, curated group shows, featured member artists and featured studio artists. I especially liked the current work in the studio artists gallery:
The clouds are stiffened thread balls- I love how they catch the light. I know it's very lax of me, but I forgot to write down the artist's name !! You'll just have to go down to Wilmington and see for yourself...


  1. The artist is Delainey Barclay. She has a website

  2. thanks for featuring me on your blog!!

    check out my new show "Oasis" at the DCCA-- august 1-29, 2010


  3. My pleasure Delainey! How fortunate you are to work and exhibit there at the DCCA! Your work is magical.

  4. wow...thanks!

    by the way-- i am hooked on your blog. i love it.