Friday, April 16

Blog Love

Poor neglected colored- thread. It's been a very busy week, preparing for final projects and getting ready for the National Art Education Association Conference in Baltimore. In fact, I'm almost out the door to go down there...

So to hold over the weekend, check out the review by Libby Rosof of Artblog featuring "Spontaneous Repetition"! I'm staging a quiet rebellion! Love that phrase.
Interestingly she compares my work to Warren Rohrer's surfaces (seen above) and Peter Doig (seen below). hmmm.


  1. Thanks, I enjoyed reading your blog today. It good to think that in so many places there have been exhibitions for International Womens Day. I like your grafitti based pieces.

  2. ...just found your blog tonight (via Gerdiary)
    and I'm enjoying it very much.
    I also live in the Philadelphia area and am always so happy to 'meet' other fiber artists in the 'neighborhood'.

  3. Thanks Jackie! I've enjoyed your work over at HEN.
    Thanks Heather! Wonder if we've ever crossed paths... Maybe you can go see the Stratasphere exhibit next weekend? I'll be there Sunday afternoon.