Wednesday, August 5

Summer Stitch Roundup Part 1

Stitch and Surface (the long version) wrapped up last week, and I thought I'd share the students' results. Remember that collaborative print? Here are some final images of where several students took them. Rachel Kerner's piece above was one of the few to treat the print as an entire cohesive image. She combined motifs to create larger elements, like the dog in the top right corner and the 3 fish along the bottom edge. There's a narrative going on here... I know, I posted this one before, but it's worthy of further comment!
Erin Boyd's is not quite complete, but it shimmers with bold color, shisha-work, and gold threads. The shapes and colors are in bold contrast to the flowery background, and it may see further work which incorporates the background a bit more. But who knows? Maybe it can be a statement- Erin's bright personality emerging from a conservative past? I have no idea, I'm just imagining things here.

Allison Rose's is quiet in comparison, but I really like how she's used text in this piece. The leaf says "grow", the dress got an added "swing", the dog became a cat with "purr" and the ring became a sun with "shine". On the bottom is her early mandala sampler.

Here's the "gallery wall" of everyone's work. Most students were able to complete a line sampler, a fill/print sampler, and a final piece using applique techniques. More of those later.

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