Monday, August 10

from UFO to FO!

Today I got an email from former student and fantastic art teacher Donna Bridy. Here is her completed project, which has become a pillow for a nephew, and which she started working on last summer during my first Stitch & Surface class at Fleisher. It started off as a printed pattern she picked up in her travels. What I loved about this piece was how she improvised her own colors and fill stitches instead of sticking to the proscribed pattern. It turned out a more personal and interesting piece as a result!

Donna is one of those people with insatiable curiosity and love of learning, interested in textiles from all over the world. I wish I could have had her as an art teacher when I was a kid, cause I bet she's a great one! These 2 images are the other pieces she completed during the class last summer.

All 3 very refreshing to see on this hot August day. Thanks Donna! Feels good to finish up those UnFinished Objects!

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