Friday, August 21

some more stairs

Stairs are definitely a good theme this week. Thankfully my knee injury (incurred slipping on wet stairs) has recovered enough for me to climb stairs and run after campers this week.
Below is the Woodford Mansion work-in-progress. It's a bit hard to make out the stairs drawing in running stitch, but it's starting to take shape. As you can see below, I started with some BIG basting stitches in blue sewing thread while it was still hanging on my board. Then fit it in a big hoop for the running stitches in brown.
Someone this week told me they were a little afraid of trying embroidery cause they only knew cross-stitch. I said, "Just think of it as drawing with a needle." Anyone who knows me well should be astounded at how ambitiously large in size this piece is!
Stairs are also apropros metaphorically. I'm about to take some big steps in the next few weeks as grad school begins. Nervous and Excited!

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