Friday, June 19

Stitch class collaborative print

This sampler was a lot of fun! Here are some of the stitches used: running, double running, backstitch, whipped backstitch, scroll, chain, cretan, cable, scallop, fly, buttonhole, fan buttonhole, french knots, and eyelets. Doing these really frees up the imagination. I often get stuck in the "importance" of the work in the studio. So these are helpful, more spontaneous, and playful.

This week in Stitch and Surface we made a collaborative screenprint.

Each student was given a piece of contact paper to cut into a motif. The motifs were placed on a clean silkscreen frame in the composition seen above. I scoop-coated the screen, let it dry, peeled off the contact paper motifs, and then everyone had a chance to pull their own screenprint on fabric they brought. I thought it would be fun to see what everyone would come up with if they started from the same image.
We photocopied the image so students could sketch out what they'd like to stitch on top. I'll have more photos of their results later.
Someone said the image reminded her of Matisse's papercuts. I think these would be interesting with more layered stitched motifs in bright colors!

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