Wednesday, June 10

cityscapes and screenprints

From the Trenton Ave photo, I've done this set of 4 watercolor drawings. The top left has the full view, and the others are explorations in the textures. The greens were a bit frustrating as I'm nearly out of my favorite tablet of green watercolor paint.

Now that I've done the paintings and split the color photocopy into sections, I'm easing into fabric. I thought it would be great to have an element from the site worked into the final image. I went back to the site, picked some of the leaves off the weeds and used them for a screenprint. Screenprinter pros: please ignore my lack of formal repeat! This is all getting cut up anyway. I have a solid area printed in blue, and over top is printed a linear version in pale green. The linear motif is very subtle and barely visible from the photo.

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