Monday, July 15

teen screenprint roundup

I'm only doing 2 weeks of kids camp this summer. Here's what came out of last week's silkscreen class for 12-18 year olds. We started off with collaborative abstract shape layers topped with an individual line layer. I love the serendipity of what happens in this process of sharing screens and colors. It generated a ton of diverse prints that created a perfect opportunity to talk about what makes a good print or bad print, good composition and bad. etc. These were the best of about 40 prints:
I love how the black line print looks like a shadow of the purple layer.
 This print in 2 transparent color layers showed how colors can mix.
 This very simple line layer makes this print look like an abstract color wheel to me.

 The kids donated a few of their least favorite prints to cut up and turn into an installation in our stairwell. I've always thought we needed more color in there!
 The rest of the week was devoted to screenprints. I actually borrowed the digital lab this time so the kids could develop their own computer imagery- Many brought in internet images they wanted to use. They're always very satisfied to select imagery to print instead of drawing their own. I think it's okay when working in screenprinting and embroidery- like appropriation is part of the medium itself. Additionally- it takes the pressure of adolescents worrying about their artistic skills. You don't necessarily have to be a great artist to be a good printer.

 Not bad for 8 kids who've never printed before.

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  1. great project! can't wait to see the work in the stairwell, a much needed improvement.