Tuesday, July 9

Sunday studio glimpses

3 hours.
Finished printing my reduction relief print experiment using a Softcut block. I like that it's easy to carve, but I kind of wish it were firmer to print against.
 Stitched down that blue doorway.
Did some shibori over some dye monoprint experiments to layer some pattern. I did a polewrap over the orange just by twisting and spiraling the fabric instead of binding it like traditional arashi. The turquoise has two layers of pleating and clamping. Unfortunately, I think I'm binding too tightly, or folding too much- I'm resisting more fabric than I want to resist. Either that or the fabric is getting exhausted and just isn't taking the dye.
I'm back in the classroom this week for teen screenprinting at Fleisher. Next week brings animation and soft sculpture. After that I'm off to an artist residency!!!

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