Wednesday, July 3

One step closer

It blows my mind that this piece has been in progress for 6 months already. I love my job, but I also wish I could spend more time in the studio. I thought summer break would find me there 24/7, but between family and house stuff, and a professional development workshop I've only made it over 4 times in two weeks. Ahh, excuses, Excuses.....Today, however, I managed to get the sampler portion complete!
I hung it up to check the composition and found the right side felt too empty. The actual wall has some doors in it, so I pinned in a piece of blue stitched denim (a scrap of patch from an old pair of jeans). I have to think about it some more. My pattern obsession is flirting with the piece too now. What if I overlaid a pattern by printing on top of the wall as well?!? My fear of ruining 6 months of work might win out over any desire to print over this thing..... Ah well. Next up is filling in the grass. It's a little weird seeing this small picture of the piece which actually measures about a yard square.


  1. ooo i hear you! i still have a little one at home, a big house and garden that literally eats my time, 2 other little kiddies at school, my eldest with a rare syndrome that means she doesn't even in my almost 24hour day i get virtually no time...clawing it back a minute at a time to get something done now! The piece looks fab, the blue door is fabulous on it x

  2. Thank you! It gets so much easier when the kids get older. That's why I'm a little disappointed in myself at the moment- I really DON'T have much of an excuse not to be working on my stuff.