Tuesday, March 5

The 100 print challenge

Look at this:
 This is a vision of a well-oiled machine. My Saturday teen screenprinters at Fleisher are doing an AMAZING job trying to complete a 100 edition 2-page zine. Which means one sheet of paper will get printed on 8 times (4 images per sheet, 2 layers of color per image). Their zine contains images and views in and around the Fleisher campus, and we will distribute them to visitors on the last day of classes.
To print 100 sheets of paper is a true feat, but by the time they complete it they have honed their technique for how to get a clean pull. Sometimes screenprinting with my teens seems a bit pointless- why have multiples of anything? But this works. It has been refreshing to work with this group of teens. Most days I'm with the 5-11 set, and if I hear one more tattle tale I think I'll flip my lid. But this group has worked so well together and so maturely that I don't feel like I'm working. We're just in the studio... making our zine... yeah!

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