Saturday, March 30

Happy Easter!

I was asked to bring dyed eggs to Easter dinner tomorrow (maybe because I'm supposedly the "creative one"). My original plan was just to marbleize some eggs. While we were doing that I wondered what the oily food coloring would do to paper, so I cut some egg shapes out of some printer paper and laid them over the bowl of oily dye (success!). Finally I thought the eggs could use some holders, so I cut up some paper towel rolls into 1 inch rings, wrapped them in green tissue paper and fringed the edges for grass. The paper egg shapes turned into flower petals on my basket tray with the eggs and holders in the center. Some jelly beans make it complete. This is ridiculously cute and crafty. Not my usual style. Pin away!

PS. We rigged up a little lottery hidden in the eggs. The lucky recipient of a hidden bird sticker will have to sing a song, the hidden frog sticker winner will have to do a silly dance, and the 2 winners of the hidden house stickers will have to do all the dinner cleanup!!

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